Portrait of Peterson (digital album)

Cover Portrait of Peterson.jpg
Cover Portrait of Peterson.jpg

Portrait of Peterson (digital album)


Peter Beets - piano
Reuben Rogers - double bass
Greg Hutchinson - drums

1. Blues For Oscar (P. Beets) | 05:33:15
2. Sushi(O. Peterson) | 06:37:51
3. Hymn To Freedom (O. Peterson) | 07:40:18
4. Nigerian Marketplace (O. Peterson) | 07:29:37
5. You Look Good To Me (C. Wells) | 05:53:31
6. Cakewalk (O. Peterson) | 04:12:21
7. Wheatland (O. Peterson) | 06:43:01
8. Reunion Blues (M. Jackson) | 03:39:48
9. Nightingale (O. Peterson) | 07:22:40
10. Younger Than Springtime (R. Rodgers) | 05:04:20


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With this album, I share with you the sincere love I have had since early childhood for the music of the late Oscar Peterson. Peterson has always been well recognized as a performer, but my intention throughout this recording is to draw attention to the exceptional quality and deep beauty of his compositions. Greg, Reuben and I strived to create our own unique interpretations of Peterson's melodies and harmonies, treating them as vehicle's for our own individual expression. This album is our personal gift to you.